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Costs to Become a Rideshare Driver in Queensland

Want to know what it costs to get the correct licenses and registrations to legally drive rideshare in Queensland?  This article is for you.

Signing up with Bolt:

Signing up with Bolt is completely free.  The only investment we require is a small amount of time to assemble the correct documents and you can sign up online.  We also have a fantastic online support team to help you with the signup process.  

Already driving with other ridesharing platforms?

If you are already driving with another ridesharing platform and would like to drive with Bolt, you can sign up online with Bolt using exactly with the same documents.  There is no cost involved to join as a Bolt driver.   

New to rideshare driving?

If this is your first time being a rideshare driver, you will need to ensure you have the correct documents to legally operate as a rideshare driver in Queensland, read this article about the documents you will need.  Signup with Bolt is absolutely free, but Queensland regulation requires you to have the following documentation and pay the appropriate Government fees to legally offer rideshare services in Queensland:

The cost of getting the above requirements depends on two factors:

  • If your car is owned by you or rented from someone else; and
  • What term Driver Authorisation you would like (choose from 1 to 5-year term)


Please be sure to take the time to read the articles contained in the Additional info for Brisbane tab to ensure you have all the information you need about becoming a Bolt driver partner in Brisbane.

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