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Insuring Your Rideshare Vehicle in Queensland

Bolt asks that you, as a driver, are insured while driving on the roads at all times.

To make your driving experience peaceful and free of worry, we suggest you look into the following types of motor insurances in Queensland:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance
  • Third Party Property Damage (TPPD) Insurance:

TPPD insurance is required for every rideshare driver interested in operating within Brisbane Airport. The insurance should have a minimum cover of AUD $10,000,000 per occurrence on top of the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. Please find the airport Information article.

  • Ridesharing Insurance

We support you disclosing your rideshare driver status to your insurance provider. Some insurers may provide you with a special premium.


  • If you are a driver using somebody else’s privately owned vehicle, please ensure to have your name registered in the insurance plan.
  • You will be able to independently select which type of plan(s) listed above you wish to add on to your insurance
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