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Driver Unpaid Commission

If you owe driver commissions, you may lose the option to receive a cash trip request. We recommend that you check your balance every Sunday so that you can settle any debts before the week of payouts.

To check your balance:

  • Log in to the driver portal
  • Click on the Earnings tab in the dashboard
  • You can see how much is due to you (payout - positive number) or due to Bolt (debt - negative number) under current balance in the driver portal

You can kindly pay your unpaid commissions to the bank details below:

  • Bank: First National Bank
  • Account number: 62651977369
  • Branch Code: 250655
  • Account type: Cheque account
  • Please always use your unique payment reference number provided in your monthly invoice
  • Payments may take up to 72 hours to clear depending on your bank.

Note: We will not accept deposit slips in the walk-in centre or via email. 

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