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Managing and Paying Your Commission Fee

Please note that if you don’t pay due commission on time, this may lead to not receiving cash trips. In order to start getting cash trips again, you will need to settle your commission fee.

Once we receive payment, our team will enable your account for receiving cash trips.

Managing commissions owed to Bolt

In addition to the invoices you receive from us indicating how much Bolt commissions are owed, we will additionally send you weekly SMS notifications should your balance become negative.

We check your balance every Sunday and recommend you settle any negative balance on your profile on Monday to ensure transfers reflect by the Wednesday cut-off to avoid having the cash option removed from your profile or losing access to the platform.

Your unique payment reference

To ensure your payments are added to your account and processed faster, please use your unique payment reference which can be found in your monthly invoice statement.

Making a payment

Use the following details to make a payment:

  • Bank: First National Bank
  • Account Number: 62651977369
  • Branch Code: 250655
  • Account Type: Cheque Account
  • Please always use the reference number provided on your monthly invoice

Use an FNB account to transfer your funds or deposit your cash into an FNB Cash Deposit ATM.

This helps you to speed up your payments clearance process. Otherwise, you would be waiting for an average of 48-72 hours and this could affect your earnings potential on the platform if you’re unable to drive when waiting for your payments to be cleared.

Checking your balance

To keep tabs of your balance on your own, click on the Earnings tab in the balance. Below Current Balance, you will be able to see how much is due to you (positive number) or due to Bolt (negative number).

If this amount is negative please try and settle the amount before the next Monday, keeping in mind payments can take 48-72 hours to clear.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Keep tabs of your Bolt balance weekly in-app
  • Always use the unique reference number found on your monthly invoice
  • Payments will be updated on the next business day or within 48-72 hours
  • If payments are made on Saturday or Sunday, they will be updated on Monday
  • The Bolt bank account is affiliated to FNB, therefore, payments made from other banks (eg Capitec, Absa, Nedbank, Standard Bank) will only reflect over a period of 48-72 hours

If you have any other questions or issues with paying commission, please contact our support team.

Note: We will not accept deposit slips in the walk-in centre or via email. Make sure you use your unique payments reference when making a payment, otherwise your account will not be unblocked.

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