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Reporting a Problem with Price

Price for trips are calculated based on the following three elements:

  • Base rate
  • Kilometer rate (Distance)
  • Minute rate (Time)

In the event of a bad Internet connection or GPS problems, issues will be detected automatically and thus the price will be calculated correctly based on the above elements.

If, however, you still suspect an issue with a price:

  • Swipe right to end the trip
  • Do not confirm but tap on Problem with price
  • Select the right problem and send a report


Your report will be followed up and we'll notify you by email accordingly. Please see more information if the Passenger Paid Less or Did Not Pay.

If you notice miscalculated price often, please make sure:

  • You are using a recommended device
  • Your driver app is updated to the latest version
  • Your Google Maps or Waze are updated
  • Your GPS is set to high location accuracy (for Android users)

Please contact our Support Team if you have questions or require assistance. 

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