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Unable to Link a Card

In case you have issues with linking a card on your account, check that:

  • All information has been entered correctly (e.g the card’s number, CVV code)
  • The card has been issued by Visa, MasterCard or American Express
  • The card remains valid for at least another seven days.

If all details are correct, but you are still experiencing difficulties with completing the card verification process:

  • Make sure there are free funds available on the card to complete the authorisation
  • Make sure that it supports e-commerce and recurring payments
  • Or contact your bank for further assistance

Once the issue is rectified, you may continue with linking the card process.


  • The authorisation (and the  4-digit code) can appear under pending or booked transactions
  • If you cannot locate the 4-digit code in your bank statement, please contact your bank’s Customer Support
  • If you have entered it incorrectly too many times, kindly reach out to our Support Team using the Help button below.
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