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Issues with Referral Promo Codes

You can refer Bolt to your friends by sharing your invite code.

Once your friend(s) has used your invite code, we send a bonus code, its expiry date, and the name of your referee to your registered Bolt email address.

In case you have an issue with this code, or you haven’t received your bonus code after inviting your friend, please check the information below:

  • Your friend needs to use the code you shared for the very first ride with Bolt
  • Referral codes can be redeemed only by new users who don’t share a payment method or device with an existing user
  • These codes cannot be redeemed by existing users creating new accounts
  • They are currency-specific, and therefore do not work across countries

If you couldn’t find the answer to your question about referral codes, please contact our Support Team via the app.

Note: Referral codes can not be used for cash rides in South Africa.

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