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FlexiCare for Top Driver-Partners in Lagos

FlexiCare is a health insurance product which offers quality and affordable healthcare. This innovative product is powered by AutoGenius, Nigeria’s 1st Digital Insurance platform in partnership with Reliance HMO.

We take the welfare of you our esteemed driver-partner seriously, which is why we have partnered with Autogenius to introduce this innovative product to driver-partners registered on the platform. About 1000 drivers would be eligible to access Flexicare every month free of charge. 

Here's how it works: 

To qualify, all you have to do is complete a minimum of 200 trips monthly and you would have access to the free FlexiCare package worth up to 1 Million Naira in Health cover for you and one dependent (wife or child) the next month. Thus, to qualify for FlexiCare in June, you have to complete a minimum of 200 trips in May. 

If for any reason the target isn’t met, the opportunity to get this health coverage is lost for that month till the next.

The focus of this initiative is to ensure that driver-partners and their families have access to good health care services leaving them healthy enough for their daily runs. 

The benefits that are included in the Flexi Care package are:

Total Benefit Limits Per Head Per Annum, 1 Million Naira

General consultation Covered
Accident and emergency  Covered
Diagnostics Covered
Laboratory Tests Covered
Admissions and accommodation  Covered
Eye Care Covered
Primary dental care Covered
Maternity Covered
Immunization Covered 
Surgical procedures  Covered


  • Any driver-partner flagged for suspicious ride activity will be banned and not be eligible to receive this plan
  • To get this plan at your cost, please visit or contact Autogenius via WhatsApp on 090 7000 8899
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