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Sydney Airport Info for Passengers

International Terminal

All rideshare passengers must be picked up at the new Green Priority Pickup zone at Sydney Airport's T1 International Terminal.

The green part indicates the Priority Pickup at both the International and Domestic terminals. Please refer to the map below:


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The new Priority Pickup zone carries a fee of $4.35 for 15 minutes wait-time. This toll is charged to the drivers via e-TAG and will be included in the total ride price.

If a driver has to wait longer than 15 minutes, the charges will increase as shown below:

  • 0 to 15 min -> $4.35
  • 16 to 30 mins -> $8.65
  • 31 to 60 mins -> $21.60
  • 61 to 120 mins -> $30.70

This means that all rideshare pickups will incur airport tolls unless passengers are picked up outside the airport grounds. 

Please ensure you are timely with your arrival so you do not incur further fees.

The Express Pickup is now designated for the use of private vehicles only. Rideshare cannot pick up from this zone anymore.

Domestic Terminal

At the Domestic Terminal, drivers are allowed to wait up to 30 minutes without being charged. They can wait for ridesharing passengers at the current holding area within the T2/T3 Domestic precinct, which is located on the northern side of Ross Smith Avenue, opposite the Executive Jet base.


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Accessible pick-up spaces are available kerbside on the Arrivals level outside T2 and T3. There are 2 kerbside spaces at each terminal. Driver must remain with their vehicle at all times.

If a driver has to wait for a passenger more than 30 minutes, they will be charged as follows:

  • 30 to 60 mins -> $4
  • 1-2 hours -> $8
  • 2-3 hours -> $17
  • 3+ hours -> $59.5

The fee will be charged to the drivers e-TAG at the exit and included in the total ride price.

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