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Get Rides Towards Your Destination

If you wish to pick up a passenger when you decide to head home after a period of driving or you want to receive journey request to a particular location, Journeys Towards Destination is the feature to use.

Here is how it works:

  • Touch the plus icon (+) on the home screen
  • Tap on Set location
  • You can add Home, Favorite or a Custom location for quick access
  • To cancel matched journeys, tap on X next to your destination address.

When you select this option, you will only receive journeys that finish close to your selected destination. We will exclude requests going far away from your route, therefore the waiting time might be a bit longer than usual.

Your destination count:

  • The feature has a limited number of usages per day as shown in the app and depending on your city
  • If you do not get any requests for a while, the feature will automatically reset
  • Every day at midnight, your destination count will reset to its default state
  • Unused destinations will not carry over to the next day. Journeys that begin before midnight and continue into the next day will only count for the previous day.


  • This function may limit the number of orders you receive, as you'll only receive matched journeys going to your chosen destination
  • Please note that some campaigns do not apply to matched journeys.

Note: The feature is available in some countries. Make sure you use the latest app version.

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