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Busy Areas for Drivers

Dar es Salaam

Busy areas and routes in the city are:

  • Mlimani City
  • Makumbusho Bus-stand
  • Kariakoo


Some of the busy areas and routes in this city are:

  • UDOM
  • Msalato
  • Stand Mpya
  • Dodoma Airport
  • Bunge
  • Nanenane
  • Dodoma Central District


Some places of interest in this city are:

  • Mwanza International Airport
  • PPF Tower
  • Nyegezi Corner- Nsumba
  • Along Uhuru Street
  • Along Makongoro Road
  • Rock City Mall, Mwanza
  • Maasai Market
  • Sukuma Museum
  • Robert Koch Hill
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