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Using SOS Button in Tanzania

The SOS button has been added to the driver application to ensure the safety of Bolt rides. This button is reserved for medical or security emergencies, where you, a passenger or another road user is in immediate danger during a Bolt ride

To report an emergency

  • Press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds
  • Select the Yes button to confirm your emergency
  • This automatically creates a ticket to our Customer Support team
  • When we receive the ticket, we immediately put a call through to confirm the situation
  • We take action depending on your situation

Make sure to use the SOS Button in the following situations below:

  • Medical emergencies refer to injuries from road accidents, having trouble breathing, and anyone who is unconscious or with bleeding that requires medical attention
  • Security emergencies include life-threatening situations while driving, being stranded in an unsafe location with a broken vehicle, attempted vehicle hijack or any form of violence or attack


  • Bolt Tanzania does not have an agreement with a third party emergency responder, however, our Support team receives and escalates all cases to necessary authorities
  • Please use this button only during security or medical emergencies as stated above. Misuse of this button is highly forbidden.
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