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Travelling with children in Russia

There is an option to request a car that is equipped with a child seat for transporting children aged 3 to 7 years and weighing 15 to 25 kg (Group 2).

If your child doesn't fall into this category, please call the driver immediately after ordering a trip and check the availability of a child seat that can be used for different age groups.

The driver has the right to cancel the order if the client came to the pick-up location with a child, for the carriage of which a seat of different age and weight category is required. In such a case, the customer may be charged a cancellation fee.

If the client contacted the driver immediately after placing the order, the cancellation fee will not be charged.


  • If a child is travelling alone, both the driver and the parents are responsible for the child's safety. We recommend minors to travel accompanied by an adult.
  • If a child made a mess or soiled the vehicle or if there was an issue with a payment, the parent of the child or the customer ordering the trip is responsible for reimbursing the costs of cleaning and payment of the order.
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