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Lagos Vehicle Categories

We have changed our vehicle categories to provide you with the best earnings and ensure the best ride experience for passengers. The new categories are the remodeled Taxify category and the Lite category.

The new Taxify category

The new Taxify category replaces the previous Comfort category and comprise of vehicles with a maximum of 13 years of age (in the year 2018). If your car qualifies for this category, your fares are priced higher than the Taxify Lite and you earn more for every trip you complete.

The Lite category

This new category is designed to guarantee higher earnings resulting from higher demand from passengers. The Lite category is 10% more affordable than the Taxify category hence more completed trips daily are expected.

In addition, a 5% per trip bonus has been added. This category would comprise of vehicles with a maximum of 16 years of age and min 14 years of Age (in the year 2018). That is vehicles manufactured between 2002 and 2004. If your car qualifies for this category, you get to complete more trips and earn more.


Despite the year of manufacture, some vehicles and models may qualify for an upgrade to the Taxify category from the Taxify Lite and also downgraded from Taxify category to Taxify Lite.
The grade is based on vehicle size, vehicle quality and other reasons determined by our Quality Assurance Team.

Please note the following:

  • Some vehicles on the platform were automatically downgraded because of their sizes and the overall quality of the vehicle.
  • Taxify Lite drivers would only get rider requests from riders who request under that category and the same goes for Taxify Standard.
  • You cannot request a downgrade. The category you were drafted into is determined by your type of vehicle. Simply change your car to another vehicle that matches the Taxify Lite requirements to get requests from the category.
  • Taxify Standard - N320 base fare, N75 per Km, N10 per minute and Taxify Lite - N200 base fare, N60 per Km, N11 per minute
  • The categories will get almost equivalent amount of requests, depending on the options chosen by passengers and the forces of demand and supply
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