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Updating Your Profile or Account Details

On occasion, you may need to Update Your Account Details to remain as an active driver or to simply amend your personal details to suit your needs.

The following can be updated through the driver portal:

  • Valid driving documents: Invalid or expired documents will result in a temporary block on your driver app. See: Uploading Your Documents. 
  • Add a Vehicle: You can submit a request for a new vehicle along with supporting documentation. See Adding a Vehicle. 
  • Your email and phone number

Bank details cannot be directly updated

In case you need to update your bank details, follow the guide below:

  • Email with the subject title Update my [email/phone number/bank details] - [Name]. Please do not specify the actual details you wish to change to in the email.
  • We will respond as soon as possible and organise a phone call. We will be asking a number of questions to verify your identity. Once you have been verified, we will update your details.

This is a safety measure implemented by Bolt to minimise identity theft and to protect drivers from fraudulent activity.

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