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How to Place an Order

The Bolt Food app connects you with the restaurants and takeaways you love at a few clicks of a button.

Once you have confirmed your delivery address/location, follow the steps below to place an order from a local restaurant: 

  • Select the restaurant you want to order from
  • Choose the item you want from the menu
  • Leave a note for the kitchen (optional) and indicate the number of items you want to order
  • Click Add to basket
  • Continue selecting other items or click the View basket option 
  • Indicate whether you would like your order to be delivered to you or if you’ll  collect it from the restaurant yourself
  • Check your order and Proceed to check out
  • Check the restaurant location and ensure that you can get there at the time the order is expected to be ready (if applicable)
  • Confirm your order.


  • The pickup option is only available for selected restaurants.
  • Once the order has been confirmed, there is no option to switch it to a delivery i.e. dropped off by a courier.
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