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Going to Pickup

When you are going to pick up the order, the pickup time will be indicated on the screen. You can also see the details in the Trip Planner. 

When you are on the way to pick up the order, please check the Pick up notes to see any extra details that the restaurant provided, for example, where to park your vehicle and other important info.  

The call option is also available next to the restaurant details for any questions that may arise (e.g if you cannot find a restaurant’s location).

When you are at the correct location, press the Arrived button to notify the restaurant that you are here and you are ready to pick up the order. 

When entering a restaurant, greet a restaurant staff and state the customer’s full name. This information can be found in the order details.

Note: Always make sure to check that you pick up the correct order and all items are available in it to avoid complaints about missing or incorrect items in the order.

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