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Making a Delivery

When you arrived at the restaurant and picked up the order - you are ready to make a delivery!

Before you start going towards the customer’s location, make sure that the food is safely packed and all the items are included in the order.

Once you checked it, press Start Delivery. This way the customer will be notified that you are on the way and will be ready to accept the order. 

If you cannot find the customer’s location, please check the customer’s notes. If you are still experiencing an issue, use the Call option next to the customer's details.

Once the order has been completed, tap Delivered button at the bottom of the screen.


  • If you are unable to reach the customer after arriving at the location, call the customer three times within the next ten minutes. If you receive no answer, please contact our Support team via phone support.
  • If the customer notices that something is missing, please ask them to contact us through their app, and we will follow up on the issue immediately.
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