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Introducing Upfront Pricing

Upfront pricing shows you the exact cost of your trip before requesting a ride with any Taxify vehicle categories. 

Your trip price is calculated by adding:

  • Base fare: the price for pickup
  • Minute rate: time from start to end of a trip
  • Kilometre rate: distance of the route covered
  • Dynamic pricing (if applicable, when demand is high)

To see the price for the selected route use the following steps:

  • Enter your address, then tap on Set Pickup Location
  • Enter your destination in the field Set Destination
  • The cost is seen next to the ride category



  • Upfront price considers your pickup and drop-off locations; if you change your destination after starting a trip, this will affect your upfront price
  • Airport, tolls and parking fees (if applicable) are added after your trip
  • Upfront pricing is currently only in some cities. Check Android Google Play or iOS App Store to update your Taxify app and benefit from this feature
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