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Vehicle Requirements & Instructions

To be able to operate as a Bolt driver-partner, you will need to have a car. The car will need to be legal by Finnish law, but also by Bolt’s minimum standards.

Car minimum standards:

  • Car or Van
  • Under 10 years old
  • 4 doors
  • 4+ passenger seats (not counting the driver)
  • Working windows and aircon
  • Registered for licensed use
  • Insured for Taxi Driving use

Registering a car for licensed use:

  • Go to
  • Choose the Changing the owner and holder data of an already owned vehicle
  • Identify with your bank details and continue the steps forward

You can also do this at an inspection station, or while taking car insurance.

Car Insurance

A licensed car should also be insured with the appropriate insurance. Contact your own insurance company to get more information.

One option that we suggest is contacting IF for their specific Taxi-insurance, which can be priced according to yearly kilometres. Find out more here.

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