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Getting a Taxi Service License

Taxi Service License is a license only given to a company that employs the right to practice Taxi Transportation. This license is requested from Trafi.

The Taxi Service License is different from the Taxi Driver License, as the Service License concerns the right to operate a Taxi business, while the Taxi Driver License allows one to drive a Taxi car.

If you are a self-employed business operator and you are driving the Taxi yourself, you will need both of these licenses. If you are however driving for another company, you only need the Taxi Driver License. As a Bolt driver-partner, you will need both licenses.

For more information about the criteria for the issue of a taxi service licence, follow this link.

Applying for the License

You can leave the application for the Service License on the Trafi website (The application is only available in Finnish).

The application costs 105€, and it is paid as a bill to the company. Remember to fill in each detail accurately, as any complications can result in extra processing time.

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