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Unauthorised Charges

If you see an unknown charge from Bolt in your card or bank statement, check to make sure its not any of the following:

  • Family members or friends using your card: confirm if they have access to your card, Bolt account or device and if they have been ordering any rides recently.
  • A pre-authorised or pending charge: this is not an actual charge, but just a temporary hold used to verify your payment method. Pre-authorization can be a fixed amount or for markets with upfront pricing, pre-authorisation will be equal to the estimated price of the journey. We can also place an authorisation hold for a newly added payment method, but it will be released shortly. 
  • A ride cancellation fee for a trip that was cancelled. Check your ride history to see if you or a driver cancelled any of the requested rides.
  • Old charges: it may happen that due to banking or technical issues we were not able to capture the charge right away and we will retry the payment after some time. 

If you still do not recognise the charge, please contact us via in-app or an email (list of cities and local emails) and send us the following information: 

  • A PDF bank statement where the charges are visible (a screenshot will not suffice; please ask your bank to provide a PDF statement)
  • First six and last four digits of the card that was charged
  • Card's expiry date.
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