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How to become a Taxify driver in Helsinki

Driver Requirements

To become a Taxify Driver-Partner in Finland, you need to have the following permits and documents:

  • Driver License
  • Taxi Driver License
  • Taxi Service License
  • Business-ID
  • Car, which has been registered for licensed use


You can start the registration by filling in the online registration form.

For the registration we ask for photos of the following documents:

  • Driver License
  • Car Registration Slip
  • Taxi Driver License

More info on getting the photo requirements can be found below.

Driver License

Take a photo of your driver license, for example with your phone. Make sure the photo clearly shows your face, name and birthdate. Be careful of the camera flash.

Car Registration Slip

Take a photo or scan of your car’s registration slip. (Osa I, Tekninen osa) or take a screenshot from the Trafi website. Make sure you can see the registration number, make, model and the first year of use.

Make sure your car fulfils the Taxify car criteria.

Taxi Driver License

To drive a taxi, you will need a Taxi Driver’s License

Take a photo of the license with your phone. Make sure we can see your face and name. Be careful of the camera flash.

Getting accepted as a Taxify Driver

After you have finished the registration, we will go through your details to confirm the application status as fast as possible. When we have confirmed your details as correct and fitting our criteria, we will email you with the next steps.

If you have questions about any of the steps, just email us at

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