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Getting a Taxi Driver License

A Taxi Driver License is needed by any person operating a Taxi vehicle. It is proof that she or he has the required knowledge and skills to be a Taxi driver. The applications and processing is done by Ajovarma, but the final application approval is done by Trafi.

The Taxi Driver License is different from the Taxi Service License, as the Driver License concerns the right to drive a Taxi car, while the Taxi Service License allows one to operate a Taxi business.

Check here how to prepare for the taxi driving exam.

Check more information on the requirements for the Taxi Driver License.


  • Going for a health check-up: You will need to get a medical certificate, no more than six months old, stating that you fulfil the health criteria for taxi drivers. This can be received from your local free healthcare station
  • Book the exam time: The exams are organized by Ajovarma. To book a time you will need to call the number 075 323 9999 (mon-fri 8:00-15:45). The exam can be done at any of Ajovarma’s Helsinki Metro Area offices
  • Go through the Theory test: it consists of 30 questions and you will need to get at least 22 out of 30 correct
  • Apply for the license: Finally, you must apply for the Taxi Driver License at a Ajovarma office. This costs 50€ and is paid at the counter. When applying, remember to bring these documents with you:
    • Medical certificate
    • Passport Photo

It will usually take around 1-2 weeks for your License to arrive.

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