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Motorbike Financing Partnership

Bolt Kenya has partnered with Unaitas and Auto Industries to design a motorbike finance product tailor-made for drivers on the platform.

Below are the bike models with discounted prices and normal Bajaj RRP prices in brackets that you might choose from for finance:

  • BM100: KES 85,530 (KES 92,490)
  • BM125: KES 96,030 (KES 102,990)
  • BM X 125 (all-terrain bike): KES 97,030 (KES 103,990)
  • BM150: KES 103,340 (KES 110,330)
  • BM X 150 (all-terrain bike): KES 105,340 (KES 112,300)

More information:

  • Bike Type: Boxer
  • Ownership: Ownership after 12 months
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Bike Amount: Special Discounted Price
  • Warranty: 1 year or 30,000kms
  • PSV Insurance: KES 9,000
  • Logbook Transfer: KES 1,700
  • Loan Amount: Bike Price + PSV Insurance
  • Monthly Price: (Loan Amount + Interest) / 12

To qualify for Motorbike Finance, you will need to meet the requirements below:

  • Been riding with Bolt for at least 4 weeks
  • Have a passenger quality of at least 4.6
  • Earnings over past 4 weeks of KES 24,000
  • Initiate a 15% loan fund of the value of the bike

Steps to follow:

  • Apply for consideration and Unaitas will contact you. Use this link to sign up
  • Sign your offer letter with Unaitas approval
  • Pick up release letter and hit the road in your brand new Boxer from Auto Industries

The Comprehensive PSV Insurance is inclusive of Personal accident cover to cover you and the passenger in case of an accident.

Auto Industries will train you on road safety, service and maintenance of the bikes which will enable you to figure out and sort minor service issues.

Upon loan full repayment, you will receive the log book from Unaitas and the 15% loan fund will be credited back to your operational account.

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