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Riding Your Scooter

Once you have successfully unlocked your scooter, you can start riding. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Place one foot on the deck of the scooter with the other planted on the ground
  • With the foot placed on the ground, gently initiate a press and push motion for a few paces
  • When you reached a speed of about 3km/h, secure both legs on the deck and press the right throttle to accelerate forward. If you push the throttle before you have reached 3km/h, release the throttle before touching it again.
  • To decelerate your speed, you can use the left throttle
  • To break or stop, gently bring one foot over the back fender guard
  • To pause the ongoing trip, just tap on the Pause icon. Using this function will reserve the scooter for you for up to 30min (the time rate will still be calculated). 
  • The system will automatically finish trips that go over 2 hours. When this happens, you can start another trip with the same scooter or pick a new one.


  • Please make sure you use a helmet during your ride. See the Safety Guidelines.
  • The maximum distance that the battery can travel is 25 km, however, the battery life will depend on the speed used on a trip and if you are going up or downhill.
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