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Understanding Driver Fraud

By eliminating fraud, Bolt provides a safe and convenient platform for drivers and passengers. However, in very rare cases, drivers and passengers engage in fraudulent activity. 

These may include:

  • Pre-arranged trips
  • Price manipulation
  • Fake trips to get driver campaigns.

Ways to recognise and prevent fraud

Rider-driver fraud

In some cases, fraudulent passengers invite drivers to participate in fraudulent rides. Signs of possible fraudulent intentions:

  • The passenger wants to pre-arrange a trip
  • The passenger offers to make a long trip if the driver pays a fee to the passenger.

Bolt platform works by matching the closest driver to the passenger. The trips should not be organised outside the platform. 

Driver price manipulation

Any attempt by a driver to artificially increase the ride price is considered fraud. Examples of price manipulation:

  • Starting a trip before picking up the client
  • Not ending the trip after dropping the passenger off
  • Taking a longer route
  • Accepting an order and not driving to the client to get the cancellation fee
  • Disabling GPS during the ride
  • Using an unofficial version of the Bolt driver app.

Campaign bonus fraud

Fraudulent drivers use fake orders to qualify for campaign bonuses. Signs of fake orders include:

  • Self-orders
  • Excessive orders with the same passenger, device, or payment instrument
  • Excessive orders where a passenger is using a promo code
  • Unusual orders (abnormally short or long trips)
  • Using a 3rd party service which generates fake orders for the driver
  • Orders with payment problems (failed credit card payments or chargebacks).

Impact of fraud

If the driver engages in fraudulent activity, it will have many consequences:

  • Removal of some or all ride fares
  • Removal of some or all bonuses
  • Temporary or permanent suspension from the platform
  • An investigation by law enforcement.

You can help us to keep the platform safe and secure by reporting any passengers who offer to do pre-arranged trips. You can provide all the needed information to our Customer Support team via in-app.

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