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Issues with Order Notification

If you experience issues with receiving sounds when a new order comes in or any other type of notifications:

Please try out these quick fixes:

  • Make sure you are using the latest app version
  • Check the Do not disturb settings: sometimes it is set up so that notifications are shown but the sound is off
  • Make sure the sound is not on mute
  • If the device is connected to car audio either via cable, make sure the car radio volume is also turned up.

Check if notifications from Taxify are enabled and sound alerts are allowed:

  • For iOS: Allow persistent banners to avoid missing a notification when the app is in the background
  • For Android: Each app has separate notification settings, so make sure you have it enabled for Taxify. Allow peeking feature is also highly recommended.

Other pieces of advice to follow:

  • Make sure you have sufficient network and GPS connection
  • Do not use battery and data save modes as these usually don't allow apps to actively work in the background
  • It is not recommended to keep Bluetooth on while using the Driver app
  • Make sure that not too many apps are open at once as it may affect memory consumption.

Note: If none of the above helped to fix the issue, please contact our Support Team via in-app.

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