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Calling a Passenger

In certain situations, you may experience a need to contact the passenger. Such situations may include but are not limited to:

  • The passenger did not show up after 4-5 minutes of waiting
  • The passenger left an item in your vehicle.

If you need to call the passenger after the ride finished please follow the instruction below:

  • Go to Rides
  • Choose the relevant ride
  • Choose the option to Call Client - this option will be available only for 24 hours after the ride ended.
  • After 24 hours have passed, any issues or questions should be reported to the Customer Support team through the application.


  • If the order was cancelled, calling option will be disabled and there will be no way to contact the passenger
  • You can call the passenger only from the phone number registered on your profile
  • You can change the phone number yourself through the Driver Portal if needed.
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