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Statement on Driver Unrest in Kenya

We are working hard to ensure that both Drivers and Passengers are satisfied with the service, but sometimes we may experience misunderstanding and miscommunication. While we are making sure the situation gets back to normal shortly we would like to clarify a few things about our relationship with Drivers.

Driver earnings

Pricing is a balancing act between Driver earnings and Passenger demand. What we have learnt is that higher prices do not always mean higher earnings. We price our products in a way that allows Passengers like yourselves to take more trips, meaning more earnings for every single hour a Driver is online. The recent price change has resulted in a 25% increase in earnings for some of our best Drivers.

Engaging with drivers

We have various platforms through which we engage with our Drivers. We have a monthly meeting with some of them through which we collect issues and act on them. We continue to find ways to engage productively with our Drivers and address the issues that they face driving with us.

Either way, we are cushioning the most vulnerable categories, the ones likely to feel the impact of the fuel prices the most, with a 15% bonus. Taxify Go and Taxify Boda Drivers will receive a 15% bonus per trip to cushion them from the change in fuel prices.

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