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How to change my bank account details in South Africa

To change or update your payment information, send us a message from your app or the email address linked to your account. Please attach the following documents to your message: 

  • Your identification selfie with your valid PrDP
  • Proof of banking information in your name (bank statement, account confirmation letter, etc.)
  • Police affidavit if you are going to use someone else's bank details in your account.

Bank details requirements

  • The account holder name is correct (full name) and consists of only letters from A to Z (e.g. John Smith)
  • The account number is up to 13 digits without spaces or any other characters (e.g. 123456789)
  • The universal branch code is correct and strictly six digits long (e.g. 123456)
  • The type of account is either cheque or savings.
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