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Adding or Deleting Account Administrators

You can make changes to administrators information and statuses in the business portal dashboard.

To add an administrator: 

  • Click Administrators tab on the business account dashboard
  • Select Add an administrator
  • Provide the required information and select Add an administrator. A confirmation link will be sent to the new administrator’s email.
  • Ask the new administrator to click the confirmation link sent via email to them. Until this is done, they will not be added.
  • The administrator secures their account by adding a password
  • Refresh the business account page to confirm that the administrator is added.

To deactivate an administrator:

  • Click Administrators tab on business portal dashboard
  • Select the administrator you would like to delete and click Edit
  • Select the Deactivate Administrator text in red colour
  • Select Save to keep changes
  • You will be returned to Administrators page with status showing Deactivated.

To reactivate an administrator:

  • Click Administrators tab on the business portal dashboard
  • Choose the administrator you want to reactivate and select Edit
  • Select Activate administrator and click Save to keep changes.

Note: You can also change an existing rider to an administrator from the Riders tab in the business portal.

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