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Changing User Details

To edit user details:

  • Go to the Riders tab in the business portal dashboard
  • Select Edit rider to make changes
  • Click the Edit icon next to Personal details to edit information
  • Click Save to keep the changes.

To change existing rider to an administrator:

  • Click Create an administrator button in the rider's profile
  • Confirm the rider information
  • Click Add administrator.

If you need to edit details of several users at once, there is a possibility to manage the users in bulk:

  • Go to the Riders tab and select Bulk manage from the right corner
  • Export the list of all users by clicking Export
  • Open the downloaded file and edit the details you want to change
  • Re-upload the updated file and tap Submit to save the changes.

Important: Please note that phone numbers cannot be changed with the bulk edit option. To update phone numbers, choose the rider whose phone number you want to edit and tap Edit rider.

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