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Getting a Business-ID & Accounting

Every Taxi-Entrepreneur in Finland needs a Business-ID. The Business-ID can belong to a company (Oy, Ay, Ky) or to a Private Enterprise (self-employed business operator).

If you are planning to drive your car by yourself, setting up yourself as a self-employed business operator is the easiest choice.

Setting up a private enterprise

Setting up yourself as a self-employed business operator in Finland is quite easy. You can use the English information provided online by the Finnish government or use some of the great services that handle most of the work for you for a minimal monthly cost.

Ukko PRO

UKKO PRO is a great option for all kinds of Taxi-entrepreneurship, as they not only provide help for setting up a company but also all the matters after that. In addition, they have a taxation consultation service included in their static monthly service fee. Bolt drivers also get a discount on Ukko PRO services.

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