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Accepting a Delivery Order

To deliver small parcels, clients can place an order choosing the Delivery category. You can see a notification of such rides in your acceptance screen.

After you accept the delivery order:

  • Go to the pickup location to receive the parcel
  • If not provided, ask the client for the recipient’s contact details and for the meeting spot
  • Go to the drop-off location to deliver the parcel to the recipient. Please note that you are not required to deliver the parcel to the door; the recipient will be waiting at the meeting spot. 

If the recipient doesn’t show up:

  • Try to contact the recipient via a phone number provided by the client
  • If you cannot reach them and the recipient doesn’t show up within 5 minutes (or the time you agreed upon with the client), you can leave the drop-off location
  • If the parcel can’t be delivered to the recipient, please return it to the sender
    • In Kyiv, bring it to one of the approved offices within 24 hours after the order is ended or the next business day if the ride was placed on a weekend
    • Inform the client about the office address
  • Before leaving the drop-off location, inform our Support team about the situation and where the parcel will be returned.

Parcel Requirements

The parcel to be delivered has to meet the requirements below:

  • The maximum size of the parcel is 65 x 55 x 40 cm and the maximum weight is 20 kg
  • The parcel must fit the vehicle’s boot or the passenger seat(s)
  • The parcel must be clean
  • It’s not allowed to deliver food, alcohol beverages, animals, banknotes, weapon, drugs, or goods, the value of which exceeds 200 euros.

If the parcel does not meet the requirements, you can cancel such order. In case the client didn’t reach out to you beforehand, the cancellation fee can be applied.

If the client asks you to deliver a parcel with goods that are not allowed to deliver, we recommend you to cancel the order and inform our Support team. 


  • The client should provide you details about the parcel upon your request
  • More information on the parcel requirements and work of the category is available in General Terms and Conditions
  • If you don’t want to receive delivery orders, contact our Support team via your app
  • The category is available in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Romania, and Ukraine.
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