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Email or phone number is not accepted

Issues with an email address

If you have any difficulties adding an email, make sure the email address you are using:

  • Is in the correct format, i.e. xx@xx.xx
  • Doesn't have endings, such as .care, .app, .bio, .agency, .law, .team
  • Contains only Latin letters (a–z) and digits from 0 to 9.

Enter the email address manually. Copy-pasting the email address might result in an error.

If the issue persists, contact our Support team by clicking Contact us button on our webpage.

Issues with a phone number

If you are having trouble adding a phone number, make sure:

  • You chose the correct country prefix from the list
  • You have not added the country prefix manually in the phone number field.

Enter a phone number manually. Copy-pasting a phone number might lead to an error.

If the above-mentioned tips didn't help, contact our Support team through the Help button in the portal or by clicking Contact us button on our webpage.

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