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Commission Fee

Bolt Melbourne charges 25% commission on all completed trips, excluding booking fees and tolls.

Currently, all deductions are shown in the driver app as Commissions. Hence, it may appear that we are taking more than our commission.

The Commission breakdown is explained below:

Flat Fee Deductions

  • Victorian Government Commercial Passenger Vehicle (CPV) Service Levy: All riders are charged a $1.10 levy, inclusive of GST. This amount is directly collected and passed on to the Victorian Government which is used to recover the cost of the transition assistance support package for taxi and hire car licence holders. It is collected on all passenger fare trips taken in Victoria; including taxi, hire car, and rideshare.
  • Booking Fee: All riders are charged with a flat booking fee of $0.55, inclusive of GST. This fee covers Bolt's operational and compliance costs. 

All fares already include the Commercial Passenger Vehicle (CPV) Service Levy and Booking Fee. These will be shown as a separate deduction and are not associated with your earnings. These fees are charged to the rider in addition to Bolt fare prices. The Commercial Passenger Vehicle (CPV) Service Levy is directly forwarded to the Victorian Government.

A breakdown is shown as part of the deduction summary in your monthly invoices:


App orders refer to Bolt Commission whereas Booking fee is the sum of the Commercial Passenger Vehicle (CPV) Service Levy and Booking Fee for all trips within the time frame stated in the invoice.

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