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Document Requirements

The following documents are required for the approval of your vehicle to the Bolt platform:

  • Vehicle Inspection Report (document must be less than three months. Is not required if your car is brand new)
  • Motor vehicle license disc with operator card (double disc) from the Licensing Department
  • Comprehensive vehicle insurance (including R5 000 000 passenger liability)
  • Vehicle Certificate of Registration
  • Operating License/ Permit from the Department of Transport

How to obtain an Inspection Report:

  • Vehicle inspections can be performed at TRA
  • The inspection report must not be older than three months
  • If your vehicle is newer than three months, a vehicle inspection report is not needed. You can upload your vehicle certificate of registration instead

​​How to obtain a Motor Vehicle License Disc with Operator Card (Double Disc):

  • Visit your nearest roadworthy centre 
  • They will give you an extra form that you can submit to the licensing department
  • This document is obtainable at any Licensing Department and takes between 1-3 days to receive
  • This document indicates that the car can be used as a passenger vehicle

How to obtain Operating License/Permit:

This document can be obtained from the Department of Transport. The following documents are needed to submit your application:

For Individuals (1 x certified copy of the following documents)

  • ID (RSA ID or passport)
  • PrDP
  • Proof of Address
  • Tax clearance certificate & Compliance PIN (obtainable at SARS Offices)
  • Double Disc (Roadworthy Certificate)
  • Certificate of Registration

For a Company (1 x certified copy of the following documents for each vehicle)

  • ID of each director
  • Company Registration Documents (All pages required)
  • Proof of Address registered to either the company or a director(s)
  • Tax clearance certificate & Compliance PIN of company
  • Double Disc (Roadworthy Certificate) Certificate of Registration

How to obtain Motor Vehicle Registration Document (NaTIS):

  • This document is obtained when you purchase and register a vehicle in your name
  • If this is a financed vehicle, a copy of this document can be obtained from the dealership or the bank​​

Insurance requirements:

The vehicle insurance policy must include the following:

  • The cover must be comprehensive vehicle insurance
  • Passenger Liability cover to the value of R5 Million per annum
  • Third party property damage
  • Minimum R50,000 personal accident cover per vehicle passenger
  • Insurance companies for consideration: OutSurance, Oaksure, VUM, etc.
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