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Driver and document requirements in South Africa

When signing up to drive with Bolt in South Africa, you will need to provide the following documents:

Note: All drivers in metropolitan cities must also pass the RaspberryONE background check in order to be activated on the platform.

Inspection report

  • All vehicles in South Africa must pass the RaspberryONE self-inspection.
  • At the time of performing the inspection, all the documents mentioned below are required. 
  • Each vehicle will need to have a renewed self-inspection every 12 months. You will be asked to perform an inspection for the vehicle you are using at the time.


  • A South African Professional Driving Permit with goods and passengers is required
  • You can obtain this from the licencing departments
  • You can use Natis to schedule a time to apply for your PrDP.

Profile picture

  • A standard profile picture is required when signing up to drive with Bolt.

Motor Vehicle Licence Disc with Operator Card

  • Visit the nearest roadworthy centre to request the licence disc application form that is needed to submit to the licencing department.

Operating Licence/Permit

  • You can obtain this document from the Department of Transport
  • To submit your application, you will need the following documents:
For individuals For a company
1 certified copy of each document 1 certified copy for each document
  • ID (RSA or passport)
  • PrDP
  • Proof of Address
  • Tax clearance certificate and Compliance PIN (obtainable at SARS offices)
  • Double Disc (Roadworthy certificate)
  • Certificate of Registration
  • The ID of each director
  • Company registration documents (all pages required)
  • Proof of Address registered to the company or director(s)
  • Tax clearance certificate and Compliance PIN of the company
  • Double Disc (Roadworthy certificate) 
  • Certificate of Registration

Motor Vehicle Registration Document

  • The document is obtained when you purchase and register a vehicle in your name
  • If the vehicle is financed, you can obtain the document from the dealership or the bank.

Roadworthy certificate

  • It is mandatory to have your vehicle tested for road-worthiness before you can be registered as a driver with Bolt
  • See the link for the Roadworthy certificate for further information.

Insurance requirements

  • Bolt facilitates Passenger Liability Insurance for drivers to ensure that all passengers are sufficiently covered in case of an accident
  • When your account is activated, you are automatically registered for the cover. However, you are strongly advised to have a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy to ensure you have financial protection in case anything should happen to your vehicle.

Background check report

  • All drivers looking to be activated in metropolitan cities must first pass the RaspberryONE background check
  • See RaspberryONE's website for further information about the service and centre locations.
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