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Issues with the Delivery Address

If you cannot access or locate the drop-off location or the customer is not showing up, follow the steps before contacting our Support team:

  • Make sure you read additional notes in the order that may give you more information about the delivery address
  • Try to reach out to the customer by calling their number available in the order
  • If the customer doesn’t reply, try again for at least 3 times within 10 minutes
  • If you didn’t manage to complete the steps above, please contact our Support team via a phone call and inform about the situation before you leave

Wrong delivery address

If the provider contacts you to change the delivery address to a new one, advise them to reach out to the Support team to make the changes in the system.

Once the address is changed, proceed to deliver to a new delivery address. If you experience any difficulties in finding the drop-off location, please contact the customer.

Note: If the customer contacts you to change the address, please ask them to reach out to their provider.

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