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Managing Policies

Use the Policies tab to define how your employees can use Bolt for Business: You can add different restrictions and assign these to different groups (for example, your sales team has a different policy from your support team).

To add a policy: 

  • Click on Policies tab in the dashboard
  • Click Add Policy
  • Fill in the policy name and description
  • You can set the following rules: 
    • Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly spending allowance for a specific group
    • Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly allowed amount of trips
    • Request the employee to enter a reason for the ride before requesting
  • Click Add a policy to complete the process.

To edit or delete a policy:

  • Click on the name of the policy 
  • Click on the Edit icon next to Personal details to make changes 
  • To remove the policy, scroll down and select Delete Policy.
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