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Linking a Card

To add a new credit card to your Bolt for Business account, follow the steps below

  • Go to the Billing tab on your portal’s dashboard
  • Click on Link credit card
  • Enter all required information and click on the Continue button.

Bolt will reserve a small authorisation amount on your card. This authorisation is shown in your bank statement and has a code in the description field. To complete linking the card, please enter the 4-digit verification code as shown below:


Once done, you can finalise the process by simply using the Verify Credit Card button.


  • The authorisation is a temporary hold used to verify your payment method and not an actual charge. It may take a few business days to adjust the authorization release, depending on your bank.
  • In case of an issue with the receiving the code, check the information in Unable to Link a Card
  • Your payment data is encrypted and securely stored. 
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