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Ordering Alcoholic Drinks

You must be of legal drinking age and have a valid form of identification to purchase alcohol. Also, make sure you order to a location where the possession and consumption of alcohol are allowed.

To verify your age, please take a selfie holding your ID-card or passport as shown on the image below. Send it using the Contact Bolt button on the bottom on this page. You only need to do it once! 


  • Press Contact Bolt
  • Press the paper clip icon to attach the photo
  • Write Age verification as the message
  • Press send
  • Shortly when the verification is done, you’ll get a message
  • Proceed with the order.

In some markets, upon delivery, you will be asked to present your ID or passport to the courier to confirm your age. If you are unable to verify your age, please remove the alcohol beverages from the basket to continue with the checkout.

Note: It is not possible to order alcoholic drinks in Latvia due to national legislation. Please contact Support if you have any questions about this policy.

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