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Enabling Ride Booker

You can now book a ride for colleagues, employees, visitors or your clients with the Ride Booker.

The feature is available for all countries where Bolt business is available. Business account admin has the Ride Booker available in the business portal. 

Requesting access to the Ride Booker:

  • Log in the business portal account
  • Click Ride Booker Beta tab in the dashboard
  • Click Request access to complete the process
  • You will see Book a ride button when the request is granted.

To use the Ride Booker to order rides:

  • Click on Ride Booker Beta tab
  • Click on Book a ride
  • Enter the pick-up, drop-off and the rider information 
  • We will send an SMS to the rider as soon as a driver accepts.


  • The rider will have the option to share their estimated time of arrival with you
  • The ride is charged to your company through your business payment method
  • The ride history and receipt will be available for download from the Business Portal.
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