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Bolt Rider Protection

Bolt drivers do everything within their power to drive safely and keep their vehicles safe at all times. Still, life can unexpectedly surprise us, and accidents or other incidents can happen at any time. 

That is why Bolt is providing Bolt Trip Protection for riders like you, at no cost to you or the driver, to give you added peace of mind. 

If an accident or incident happens, from the time a driver accepts a trip until the trip ends or the rider leaves the vehicle - whichever occurs last, Bolt Trip Protection is free, value-added insurance which covers drivers and riders.

You don’t have to do anything to activate Bolt Trip Protection – it’s in place already!


What is Bolt Trip Protection?

Bolt Trip Protection is an insurance cover that provides for emergency medical expenses, permanent disability and accidental death caused by an incident while on a Bolt trip.

Who is covered by Bolt Trip Protection?

Riders and drivers are automatically covered while on a trip. 

Who is the insurer? 

Bolt has partnered with Oaksure Financial Services and Renasa Taxi Underwriters to provide support if you are injured on a Bolt trip.

When are drivers covered by Bolt Trip Protection? 

Drivers are covered while they are online and active on the Bolt platform, whether they are waiting for a ride or are on a ride until they go offline. 

When are riders covered by Bolt Trip Protection? 

Riders are covered from the time a driver accepts their trip until the trip ends, or the rider exits the vehicle (whichever happens last). 

Does Bolt Trip Protection cover me on any trip that I do, in any car?

 Bolt Trip Protection is only effective for incidents related to a Bolt trip.

How much do I pay?

Bolt Trip Protection is paid for by Bolt.

What is covered?

Bolt Trip Protection offers financial help if you’re affected by an incident or accident while on a Bolt trip. It includes cover for unexpected injuries, hospital stays, trauma counselling and several other benefits to give you added peace of mind while you are on trip. Cover includes payments for:

  • Emergency medical expenses up to R30,000, including emergency transportation, hospitalisation, diagnosis, and remediation within the first 48 hours after an incident.
  • Trauma counselling for up to six weeks after an incident
  • Loss or damage of personal goods up to R2,000
  • Accidental death, when your heirs or dependents will receive R30,000
  • Permanent disability caused by an accident/incident while on a trip, when you could receive up to R30,000.

What types of incidents are not covered by Bolt Trip Protection?

These events are excluded: War, invasion, an act of a foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military or usurped power, suicide or any attempt at suicide, suicide pacts or agreements, while sane or insane, or self-inflicted injury; your illegal acts or the illegal acts of your executors, administrators, legal or personal representatives; illness, disease, bacterial or viral infection unless such infection is the direct result of an accident.

Is Bolt Trip Protection the same as medical aid?

Bolt Trip Protection Emergency Care is not a substitute for medical insurance or medical aid. 

Is Bolt Trip Protection the same as vehicle insurance?

Bolt Trip Protection is not a substitute for vehicle insurance or any of the other insurance types required to register a vehicle with Bolt.

How do I claim?

Contact Oaksure Financial Services by calling 087-049-2855/086-162-5787 or email Please have the following information on hand:

  • The date and time of the trip where there was an incident
  • Your cell phone number, registered on the Bolt app

What are the terms and conditions?

Bolt Trip Protection has been taken at Bolt’s discretion to provide additional safety and protection for riders and drivers. Bolt may change, cancel or amend the terms and conditions of Bolt Trip Protection at any time. Drivers are independent contractors. 

Bolt Trip Protection does not imply an employment contract between Bolt and drivers.

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