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Safety Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines while riding an e-bike:

  • Use a helmet and appropriate footwear during a ride
  • Use a designated bike lane, if available
  • Don’t ride on pavements
  • Always drive in a straight line; zigzagging or weaving through traffic is not advised
  • Follow the general traffic rules (stop at red traffic lights and stop signs, give right of passage when required, etc.)
  • Always observe traffic when changing a lane
  • Use hand signals when turning or changing lanes
  • Avoid riding in extreme weather
  • Avoid doing any bike stunts
  • Brake early and gently
  • Don’t ride while intoxicated.

For first-time riders, we recommend using the Beginner mode to limit your top speed to 15km/h. To change the settings, click on the shield icon in the left down corner of the screen to open Safety Toolkit and tick/untick Beginner mode.

If you got involved in any safety incident, please approach the local authorities and contact our Support team via the app as soon as possible.


  • Before starting a ride, ensure that the e-bike is in good condition. If not, please use the Report button to contact our Support team and use another bike for your trip.
  • You can also find safety tips and your city rules in Safety Toolkit by clicking on the shield icon in the app.
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