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Rides to and from Schiphol airport

To receive rides to and from Schiphol airport, you will need a Schiphol pass. In the Bolt Netherlands blog, you can find a detailed explanation of how Schiphol Pass works and where waiting and pick up areas are located.

How to apply for a Schiphol Pass?

Fill in the application form. After the application is approved, you will receive the Schiphol Pass by post or you will be able to pick it up yourself.

How to pay for the Schiphol Pass?

A one-time deposit of €25 will be taken from your earnings. The deposit will be refunded when the Schiphol Pass is returned to Bolt.

Where to pick up riders?

You must pick up riders at the C-lane, App Pick-Up location.

Where to wait for new Schiphol rides?

The P41 waiting area is a private area for taxi drivers. Here you can wait for new orders from Schiphol airport. To receive order requests with the pick up at the Schiphol airport, you need to be online and be located in the P41 waiting area.

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