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Checking Daily Rider Tips

As a thank you gesture, riders can now leave a tip after the ride is finished.

How does it work:

  • Giving a tip is optional for the rider and only visible if the rider is satisfied with the ride experience and gives you an excellent rating
  • When a rider gives a tip you will instantly get a push notification about the tip
  • The tips are paid out together with your regular weekly earnings. Bolt does not charge any commission on tips.

You can see your tips in: 

  • The Driver app: Check your ride history to see the tip amount
  • The following tabs in the Fleet Owner Portal:
    • Order history CSV
    • Weekly and Daily report CSV
  • The following tabs in the Driver Portal:
    • My rides view
    • Order PDF
    • Balance report PDF
    • Monthly Tax Report PDF
    • Orders CSV export.
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