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Paying for Your Order in Cash

You can now choose to pay for your Bolt Food order by using your bank card (debit or credit) or the cash option.  

Follow these steps to place an order using the cash payment option: 

  • Select the restaurant you want to order from 
  • Choose menu items and add them to your basket
  • Click View basket then Proceed to checkout 
  • Select the Cash option
  • Confirm your order.

Your courier may not offer cash change. In the event that you pay an amount higher than the receipt, this difference will be added to your Bolt Balance.


  • The cash option is only available in specific cities. You can check the Payments option in your app to confirm if it is available in your area.
  • The option to tip the courier for the delivery is available.
  • If you choose card payment, please don’t pay for your order in cash.
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