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Issues with a Promotion

In case you have issues with using a promo code or a discount, check the information below:

  • Check if you have applied the promo code correctly
  • Two or more promo codes cannot be applied at once, so select a promotion you would like to redeem before making your trip request
  • If the value of the promo code is higher than the trip price, the leftover amount cannot be used for another trip
  • Promo codes and discount offers may have expiration dates, special conditions and/or geographical limitations
  • Some discounts may have a percent value and thus reduce the trip price by a certain percent
  • Some percentage based discounts can have a maximum amount that is deducted. For example, a maximum cut-off may be 7 euro, if your trip costs more than 7 euro the discount will not apply to the excess amount but deducted only from 7 euro.
  • For issues with referral codes, please visit the Getting Free Rides page

If the above did not solve your issue, please contact our Support Team via the app.

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